The wagon is a bumpy thing. I am currently out of breath and clinging to the side (metaphorically) and while I’m pretty sure I can get back in, I have gained a few bruises while flopping along behind. It has been quite awhile since my last post and plenty has happened. In all honesty, my workout routine did survive longer than my posting but with a flood, a few work challenges (a euphemism) and the holidays, I fell back to my potato ways. Mmmmm potatoes. So, here we go again. To the few of you that did inquire as my posts became fewer and then disappeared completely, thanks for caring. For the rest of you, our level of caring is likely mutual, so its all good.

I have air in the tires, my running shoes are by the bed, and my workout goals have been set for the week. Yay metrics. Let the games begin… again.