“Scott Rogers You are an IRONMAN!”

I was elated to hear those words in 2008 as I crossed the finish line for IRONMAN Arizona. What led to that moment is another story. This story is about what came after. I know what it’s like to be in IRONMAN shape at 41 years of age and to be rather intolerant of people who complain about their inability or lack of time stay in shape. Karma is a bitch.

Scott Rogers You are a COUCH POTATO!

I don’t know exactly when I crossed that finish line but evidently there is no one there to yell at you and let you know. To be clear, after completing my IM, my intent was to make improvements to my times and continue with my IM lifestyle. I registered for IM Texas and never made it to the starting line. Missed training sessions, injuries from trying to “catch up”, sitting of front of the computer, beer, diet and a host of other distractions of my own making whittled away my physical condition. At 49 I cannot run a mile continuously, I am 30 lbs overweight and my ankles swell up after sitting behind a desk all day. Basically, I am a couch potato. Some say you are an IRONMAN forever, so I guess I am more like an Iron Potato.


Someone Stole my Bike!!!

If I have a Triathlon Bicycle, I must be a Triathlete! Right? Even if I’m taking some time off… ok, 8 years is a lot of time off but look at my bike!..  Hey, where is my bike? Some &%$#& stole it. It is probably delivering crack at record speeds right now!

I think most people in triathlon have a special relationship with their bike, even if they don’t want to admit it. Even though it is just some combination of metal, carbon fiber, plastic, and rubber, it is a reminder of a hard won accomplishment (that other story I mentioned above). A symbol of that identity. If someone steals my bike do they steal my identity as a triathlete? If that is my only connection to that life, then the answer is yes, or at least it feels that way. To make matters worse, I can’t just buy another bike and get that identity back. What would you say about it? “This is the bike that has round wheels that looks like a lot like the ones triathletes use in triathlons. I’m pretty sure it could be used in a race.” Also, it would be pretty stupid to spend thousands of dollars on a new bicycle just to hang on a wall (I guarantee my wife is with me on this point).

The cold hard truth is that if I want another bike and my identity as a triathlete restored, I’m going to have to ditch the potatoes, the excuses, and train.

Why the Blog?

For Me

While it may come as a bit of a surprise, This is not my first attempt to get back on the fitness wagon. So, in order to not consider myself insane (the over and over expecting same results reference), I decided to do something different and start this blog. Supposedly the more people you tell about a goal, the harder it is to quit. Keep in mind that in general I am not a sharer. This is a pretty big deal for me.

For Others

I would be shocked if there are not other people in a very similar situation. And, while starting essentially from ground zero, I do know a lot more about methods and resources that I did the first time around. If this blog helps just one person do what i am attempting, it would be worth the few bucks I am paying for this site. Or this could be a source of amusement, like watching the guy unknowingly try to walk through a glass wall. Either way, someone wins!