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From IRONMAN to Couch Potato and Back?

So That’s What it Looks Like From Down Here

The wagon is a bumpy thing. I am currently out of breath and clinging to the side (metaphorically) and while I’m pretty sure I can get back in, I have gained a few bruises while flopping along behind. It has been quite awhile since my last post and plenty has happened. In all honesty, my workout routine did survive longer than my posting but with a flood, a few work challenges (a euphemism) and the holidays, I fell back to my potato ways. Mmmmm potatoes. So, here we go again. To the few of you that did inquire as my posts became fewer and then disappeared completely, thanks for caring. For the rest of you, our level of caring is likely mutual, so its all good.

I have air in the tires, my running shoes are by the bed, and my workout goals have been set for the week. Yay metrics. Let the games begin… again.

Training Goals: Week Ending 7-30-16


Work and travel got in the way this week so I spent some extra time on the trainer. This coming week promises to be similar.

Training Goals: Week Ending 7-23-16


Had right around 6 hours of exercise this past week and I was pretty tired this weekend. 5 lbs of wt lost so far.

This is a great talk giving insight into what motivates us and those we depend on. Dan’s conclusions are based on data, not feelings. Spoiler alert: It’s not all about money.

By they way, I was introduced to this by one of our employees. Thanks Lawrence!

Training Goals Week Ending 7-16-16


Another week of moderation and excess. Traveling creates challenges

How to Increase Cycling Performance by 100% Guaranteed!

helmet-on-bikeThis really works! If you are pretty sure your limit for a cycling ride is 30 miles, drive to a remote location and then cycle out for 30 miles to an even more remote location. If you live, you will end up with 60 miles and thus double your performance expectations. This is the second week I am giving some details of my weekend ride. I promise to do this only when I set a new PR for suffering. Here we go. Continue reading

Training Goals Week Ending 7-10-16


Not bad!

Life Lessons Though Shorter Suffering


Scott’s Speed and Heart Rate Saturday Morning

This past weekend I decided it was time for my first group ride in about 4 years and consulted with Mark at Precision Bikes who told me about a couple of groups that ride on Saturday mornings. I asked which one would probably be slower and ended up at Acadiana Park a little before 6:00am.

The great thing about triathlon is Continue reading

Sunglasses for the Blind

While vacationing in Kailua Kona, I stumbled across the Rudy Project store and as a result, ended up with what could be my most useful gear purchase in a long time.  My problem is that I just can’t see as well up close as I used to. While this condition is a plus when looking for new lines in the mirror, it is especially problematic when trying to read my watch or cycling computer while working out.

Rudy Project Rydon

You can see the reader portion at the bottom of the lens

Rydon Sunglasses = Problem Solved

Bottom line is, these are fantastic. I can see down the road or see my electronics with no mental effort. Just like “back in the day.” At less than $200 (if you get one of the models on sale), you get sunglasses with a small reader section, the lenses are replaceable, and you can pick from different colors and light transmission levels. These are also great for fishing and working outdoors and I’m going to get a clear pair to use  at work so I don’t have to keep switching back and forth from safety to reading glasses.

By the way, the guys at Rudy Project were a great help and even gave me a bike to ride around so I could figure out which prescription strength would work best for seeing my cycling computer. Thanks!

Link to Rydon page

IRONPOTATO: The Beginning

Garmin T0This is the first post for my new blog and marks the beginning of my efforts to get back on the fitness train. To learn why, read here.  For those who happen across this post, feel free to follow my progress, comment, or share. Life is entertaining and I will endeavor to share my most entertaining triathlon and fitness related experiences.

Like my old drill instructor said “misery loves company!”

To be fair, I have been exercising for a couple of weeks while setting this site up in my spare time. In that time I have also received my first bit of training advice which I will discuss in a subsequent post.

To get  you all caught up, here are a few things I have learned so far.

1) At lease one large woman can swim way faster than I can.

2) They don’t make cycling short cushioning like they used to. Why is that?

3) At my current level of 4 hours / week, I’m pretty sure I am over-training.

Thanks for reading and Let The Games Begin!


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